4 Energy Enhancing Supplements for Busy People

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Life is very demanding. Looking after yourself involves running around for work, while still finding time to keep yourself healthy. It’s no wonder then, that people feel run down and can develop fatigue very easily. Busy lifestyles can interfere with your sleep cycle and your eating habits, making it very difficult to keep yourself in optimal health, to meet your energy requirements. It’s certainly unhealthy to use chemical stimulants on a long-term basis because of their horrible side effects and their addictive properties. Natural supplements, on the other hand, have no major side effects associated with them, and many of them have been proven scientifically to be effective at improving energy levels.

The following supplements contain natural ingredients that have been associated with increasing a person’s energy- because they cause a number of biological responses in the body that improve metabolism focus and the feeling of vitality. For more information about supplements and the science behind them, visit Analyze That if you’re interested in reading more.

1.   Moringa Oleifera Extract

Recent research into Moringa oleifera extract has determined that one of its constituents called benzylamine causes several organs to improve their glucose uptake. Glucose is the major form of energy that cells in the body use to conduct their chemical processes. Sometimes fatigue comes from the organs not taking in other glucose for various reasons and Moringa oleifera extract can contribute to reversing that.

Moringa oleifera also contains many vitamins and minerals that help to maintain the health of tissues and organs in the body, which also helps to improve energy because of the organs’ enhanced functions. For example, healthy blood cells can carry more oxygen which gives a person more energy. Healthy blood cells need iron which is found in Moringa.

2.   Thyroid supplements

Many people know that the thyroid gland controls a person’s rate of metabolism, by producing a hormone commonly known as thyroid hormone (scientifically known as thyroxine). When people have busy lives, they use up a lot of energy and sometimes don’t have the time to take in enough nutrients to replace the thyroid hormones that are reduced in the process (for example iodine).

Most good thyroid supplements contain the right nutrients to replace thyroid hormones as well as some natural plant extracts which help to speed up the metabolism. An increased metabolic rate helps a person to focus more and gives them the drive they need to accomplish their daily tasks. The right level of thyroid hormones is also very important for controlling weight, temperature tolerance and food digestion. So thyroid hormone also affects your energy levels in indirect ways.

3.   Brain boosting supplements

Physical energy isn’t the only thing that gets drained when living a busy lifestyle. Mental energy takes a toll, and in most jobs, it’s actually the form of energy that is required. Mental energy and focus decrease when certain substances are elevated in the brain. One substance that research implicates in particular, is homocysteine. Homocysteine affects cognitive ability and is responsible for cognitive decline. Most brain boosting supplements contain vitamin B12 which is responsible for reducing levels of homocysteine and thus contributing to the prevention of cognitive decline. Some other great ingredients they include are phosphatidylserine which contributes to brain plasticity and remodeling (the ability of the brain to change its structure, which is important for memory) and neurotransmitter precursors. Neurotransmitters are chemical signals that brain cells use to communicate with one another and a deficiency in them often results in some form of anxiety disorder or depression.

4.   Natural sleep enhancing supplements

Sleep is one of the most important processes that contributes to energy and a healthy body, but busy lifestyles often demand us to sacrifice it. Reduced sleep has been linked to a buildup of homocysteine levels, which as we have mentioned before can contribute to cognitive decline, and reduced sleep gives the body less time to restore all of the energy sources it used in the previous day. Interrupting your sleep cycle can also lead to a sleep disorder which makes it more difficult to fall asleep the next time you try. In these cases, it might be necessary to take a sleep enhancing supplement, especially one that contains melatonin. Melatonin is a natural sleep hormone that helps a person to fall asleep by regulating one’s sleep cycle and restores all of the necessary biomolecules they need to face a busy day ahead.

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