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I’m Dr. Andrea Maxim, naturopathic doctor and business coach for wellness practitioners. I blog at MAXIMizedBusiness.ca. The Profitable Practice Podcast is a show to help you grow your career, practice, or clinic into a profitable business. Tune in weekly to learn from me and stories/interviews with successful practitioners!

“Great Health Is More Than Being Free From Illness – It Is A Dynamic Process Of Change And Growth.”

Dr. Richard Harris knows that striving for great health and wellness is crucial to living a higher quality of life. As a successful internal medicine physician and pharmacist, Dr. Harris has the critical expertise to help you achieve your best health. 

The ‘Double Doc’ received his doctor of pharmacy from the University of Texas at Austin (Hook ‘em!) and his medical degree from the McGovern School of Medicine.  Following his residency at UTMB, Dr. Harris worked for a large practice in Houston but ultimately left to pursue his goal of promoting holistic lifestyle medicine. 

The Biohacking Babes podcast

Lauren and Renee grew up in a health-driven family that prioritized the fundamentals of wellness and self-care (don’t worry, there were lots of mac n’ cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!). Their father, Gene Sambataro, The Original Biohacker and pioneer of Holistic Dentistry, taught them the importance of individualization and experimentation from a very young age.

Coming together as health entrepreneurs, Renee a Certified Nutritional Consultant and Holistic Lifestyle Coach with a Master’s degree in Nutrition, and Lauren, a Broadway performer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Functional Health Coach, feel a strong passion and drive to not only share each of their journeys towards wellness but their strategy and motivation to discover our unique bodies through the world of biohacking.

Their podcast, the Biohacker Babes, aims to create insight into the body’s natural healing abilities, strengthen your intuition, and empower you with techniques and modalities to optimize your health and wellness.

A New Way Of Living

The Joyely Podcast

Revolutionary Health with Stephanie Center

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