5 Quick-and-Easy Ways to Lose Weight

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The journey to weight loss can feel daunting and downright impossible at times. Maybe your metabolism isn’t what it used to be, or your cravings feel out of control. Every weight-loss trend boasts a different way to shed body fat fast, but they often lead to weight gain once you’ve completed the program. Try these five easy tips to quickly achieve and maintain your weight loss goals.

Have Sex

Want to feel good naked? It’s easier than you think! Invest in sexy lingerie that makes you feel amazing and boosts your confidence. Embrace your curves by wearing bras and panties that accentuate all the right places. Whether you prefer revealing rompers or silky sweet sleepwear, there is lingerie out there for everybody and every body. Hope your partner likes peaches, because dessert will be served in the bedroom tonight.

Consume More Nutrients

Eating food with more nutrients is a great way to feel more satiety throughout your day, balance your blood sugar, heal your hormones, promote weight loss, burn fat, and more. A quick, easy way to work more nutrients into your diet is to drink weight loss smoothies. Here are some examples to get your mouth watering: mango ginger smoothies, pineapple kale smoothies, green smoothies with spinach and cucumber, cinnamon breakfast smoothies, and smoothies that use cocoa powder to make a decadent chocolate dessert. Try a new smoothie recipe every day, and soon you will have a new favorite food that’s good for your body.

Drink Water Before Every Meal

The simplest step to help with your weight loss is to drink a full 8 oz. of water before you eat. Every time. Hydration is key in helping your metabolism run at its best. If you’re bored with plain water, you can easily infuse it with fruit, like strawberries, oranges, and watermelon. The key is making sure there’s no added sugar in your drinks.

Strength Train

Strength training does more than burn calories. You can create the coveted hourglass shape by building muscles in the right places. If you strengthen the muscles in your upper body and then work the muscles that make your peaches perkier, it will make your waist look smaller in comparison. If you’re looking to lose weight or change your body shape, strength training is the way to go. Just make sure you’re eating enough healthy nutrients and grams of protein. Add a scoop of whey protein, plant-based pea protein, or Greek yogurt to your smoothie to make a satisfying meal replacement.

Go for a Jog

Now that you’ve been sold on strength training, let’s talk cardio. Running is a great option to burn fat and work toward your weight loss goals. All you need is a pair of running shoes and a killer playlist. Plus, it tones your legs like nobody’s business. Seriously. You will need new pants after dropping a size (or more!), and jeggings are the perfect pant to highlight your commitment to your workout regimen. Beware: jeggings, like the ones from Chico’s, have been known to become highly addictive. You can wear them for a casual look during the day or for date night. Wearing jeggings will give you an excuse to wear your new lace thong or bodysuit. Since the material is stretchier than regular denim, jeggings are even more comfortable than jeans. They’re basically perfect. You’ve been warned.

These five quick-and-easy tips will help you with achieving the weight loss of your dreams while spicing things up in the bedroom and helping you feel more confident in your skin. Stay consistent and stay patient. It’s worth it. You are worth it.

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