Best Treatment for Different Stages of Varicose Veins

Varicose veins on the elderly asian woman leg,Close up

What are varicose veins? 

Varicose veins are twisted and large veins that appear to be dark purple or blue. These veins are usually found in the veins of legs. It happens due to excess pressure on the lower body parts. Hence, obese and pregnant women are more prone to get affected by this disease. It is a medical condition that should be treated properly on time. If it is left ignored or untreated, then it can develop into other stages of varicose veins and become severe.

Different Stages of Varicose Veins

Stage 1 – Varicose Veins 

The veins in this stage are swollen and dark in color. This is the initial stage of the disease. There can be mild pain in some cases.


  • Burning sensation in the legs
  • Itchiness in the legs
  • Heaviness in the legs
  • Veins’ color turns dark
  • Veins become hard
  • Inflammation around the affected area

If you leave these symptoms unattended or untreated for a long period of time, the condition will become severe. If left untreated will lead to the second stage of varicose veins. 

Stage 2 

The swelling and inflammation of the legs and ankles increase in this stage. Inflammation occurs due to the obstruction in the blood flow.


  • Stiffness of ankles
  • Itchiness in legs
  • Muscular spasm
  • Pain while walking
  • Discomfort while walking or sitting 
  • Numbness in the veins

The following could make the second stage of varicose veins even worse:

  • High blood pressure
  • Not exercising regularly
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Eating unhealthy foods
  • Heart disorders that affect blood circulation

Stage 3 

In this stage of the disease, the color of the skin starts getting discolored around the varicose veins. It looks dark brown and turns leather-like in texture.


  • Heavy pain in the legs and ankles
  • Thick and hard skin around varicose veins
  • Ulcers in legs
  • Leather-like consistency in the skin

Risk factors of stage 3 varicose veins are:

  • Obesity
  • Wearing heels
  • Standing for long hours
  • Sudden change in hormonal level
  • Poor diet

Stage 4 

Open sores and ulcers mark the most severe stage of varicose veins. Ulcers form due to chronic insufficiency of blood circulation in the veins of the legs.


Stage 4 – Varicose Veins have the most severe symptoms that must not be ignored. Ignoring symptoms at this stage can be life-threatening. 

  • Painful and open sores on the legs and ankles
  • Pus oozes out of the open sores
  • Discolored skin of the legs
  • Extreme burning sensation
  • Extreme swelling 
  • Heavy and hard legs

Smoking cigarettes or consuming alcohol can make the symptoms of ulcers and open sores even worse. Therefore, it is the best idea to quit smoking and consuming alcohol to prevent the condition from getting more serious. It is quite evident that ignoring or not getting treatment for varicose veins is not a good idea. If varicose veins are left untreated, it has the potential to become more serious and complicated. If you are suffering from this disease, then pay attention to it. Consult with an expert doctor to get it treated properly in time.

Best Treatment For All Stages of Varicose Veins 

There are various treatment methods available for varicose veins. However, laser surgery is considered to be one of the best treatment methods for all stages of varicocele veins, which is recommended by doctors as well as patients. 

Laser surgery is highly advanced, and modern treatment options available. The procedure takes around 30 minutes to complete. It is a daycare surgical procedure, and it is completely bloodless and painless. It causes no cuts, stitches, wounds, or scars to the patient during or after the treatment. Recovery post the surgery is very quick and comforting. It takes around 4-5 days to recover from the surgery completely, and the patient can then start their normal daily routine without facing any complications. Post-surgery, there are no restrictions on the lifestyle of the patient. Also, regular follow-ups with the doctors help the patient to become free of any unwanted complications during the recovery. If you or any of your acquaintances are having the symptoms or suffering from varicose veins, then you should definitely go for laser surgery for the same. Laser treatment is certainly one of the best and most effective treatment methods available to cure varicose veins forever.

You can contact a surgical center like Pristyn Care in your city that has a facility that performs laser surgery for varicose veins. Select a surgical center that has highly experienced and accomplished doctors who have a sound understanding of the disease and have mastered the art of modern treatment methods. Do not ignore varicose veins. Get treatment before you are in the final stages of varicose veins disease.

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