Health Benefits Of Country Walks

Aerial view of fall forest and blue river with bridge in Finland.

The health benefits of a walk through the countryside seem almost obvious, but have we underestimated the health benefits of walking slightly? Is there more to it, than just steps and burning calories? The first health aspect is clearly the obvious physical exercise and, in some cases, walking up hill on a sunny day culminates in perspiration and your heart rate rises up! That is essentially healthy exercise. However instead of staring at a wall in a gym whilst indoors, breathing in fresh air and taking in sometimes quite spectacular views, in my case of the English countryside elevates exercise to a whole different level.

Before I began my rambling or walking expeditions, as a women, it may not shock you that my thoughts instinctively turned towards the essential footwear that needed to be in place to ensure a comfortable walk and no blisters appearing later down the line.  In addition, it may sound silly, but to be honest, I also like to look good, so why not achieve both? I always use proper Ladies country boots that are properly made for the job, but have some style! Once out in the countryside, strolling through fields, by rivers, and stopping from time to time to take in the undulating green scenery that tends to stretch out in front of you causing you to stop occasionally and marvel at the beauty of our world.  It is indeed this aspect which generates another health benefit! This kind of environment is the total opposite to a stressful place and to de-stress is so important in our general health both physically and mentally.

Even just the benefit of pulling your boots on, walking out into the countryside and having the time to stop and think on your own is an enormous help. I do most of my thinking during these walking trips and it once again helps me make sense of things and put things into perspective which I have found once again helps de-stress. Also, allowing yourself the time to let your imagination flourish within this green and often atmospheric landscape is a great thing. Once all of the walking is done, your coat, walking stick and walking boots are safely tucked away again, there is something about the country air and the exercise completed, that always allows for a fantastic night’s sleep. The benefits of sleeping properly is well known, not just for health generally, but for your mood and productivity the following day, so even for this one reason I could not recommend enough venturing out for a walk-through countryside.

In my case, I have been blessed because I am located in Northumberland in England and we have the wonderful Northumberland National Park on one side of my location, but also the north East coast a short ride to the other side of me, so I am able to experience walks along the beach as well as a more traditional country walk. My trusty boots luckily are able to deal with sand as I wrap myself up with scarfs for a bracing walk by the atmospheric raging sea in the colder months, but still look good enough to grab a hot coffee by the fire afterwards in a local café or pub.

So, once you have your very own walking boots or shoes (after all, as the song goes – these boots were made for walking!) my advice is to try it! Go and walk, take some time for your-self, enjoy exercise without even really feeling like you have exercised and breath in the fresh air around you. You’ll never look back and the health benefits will become apparent along with that all-important wonderful night’s sleep!

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