How Long Does It Take for a Man to Replenish His Sperm Count?

sperm count

Sex is fun. Sex is good for your health. Sex is vital to maintaining a healthy relationship. But erectile dysfunction and low sperm count can get in the way of enjoying the benefits of vigorous sex life. While it’s a pervasive myth that men must experience ejaculation to enjoy an orgasm, it is true that cumming is an invigorating and cathartic experience. But how long does it take for a man to replenish his sperm count?

The Hard Facts

Men’s testicles produce millions of new sperm every day. But it takes new sperm sixty to seventy-four days to fully mature. Sperm mature in your testicles’ seminiferous tubules, where they develop from spermatids into spermatozoa. Once a spermatozoon is fully mature, it travels into the part of the testicles where it gains motility, the epididymis. All told, by the end of your sperm production cycle, you’ll have created eight billion new sperm. However, male ejaculate can contain 20 to 300 million sperm cells in just one milliliter of semen.

This begs the question, if sperm reproduction is automatic, then why do some men experience low ejaculate volume and poor sperm motility?

Male Infertility

Though men rarely notice symptoms of infertility until they try to conceive a child, the signs of male infertility include problems with sexual function. This can cover reduced sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, smaller than normal volumes of semen, and difficulty ejaculating. While many men believe this to be true, having a lot of sex doesn’t necessarily, in and of itself, reduce a man’s ejaculate volume. The body creates a surplus of semen to account for the fact that the act of ejaculation reduces a man’s sperm count. There are larger factors at play when it comes to male infertility and erectile dysfunction.

Some underlying causes may include infection, varicocele, medications, and antibodies that attack sperm. But more often than not, male infertility, low ejaculate volume, and erectile dysfunction can be linked to hormone imbalances, environmental causes, and poor lifestyle choices.

How to Improve Your Semen Production and Fertility

If you’re looking to increase your sperm count, the easiest way is to begin improving your overall health and improving your living environment. Avoid heavy metal exposure and radiation. Try not to sit for extended periods as this may constrict your scrotum and reduce your sperm production. Scientific studies are limited on this subject, but there is some indication that high temperatures can reduce semen production, so avoid hot tubs.

Then, there are lifestyle changes you can make to increase sperm count. Decrease your alcohol intake as drinking can lower your testosterone levels. If you haven’t already, quit smoking and begin exercising regularly. You may also want to cut down your caffeine intake. Lastly, look into adding supplements to your diet. Vitamin D, folic acid, and vitamin c can improve your body’s immune system and reduce oxidative stress. When your immune system is working at its best, your body can increase semen production. Add D-aspartic acid, an amino acid, to your dietary supplement list, as well. D-AA is found naturally in testicles, semen, and sperm cells. Adding D-AA to your diet can increase levels of testosterone and therefore, improve your semen volume. You may also want to consider male enhancement pills that include Muira Pauma. This plant’s wood and roots have been shown to stimulate healthy erections and libido.

There is no secret to how to cum more. Make these lifestyle changes and you’ll find that your orgasm will be stronger and last a long time, and your ejaculation will be a much bigger load. Though a bigger load of semen does not automatically equate with a better orgasm, you’ll find that an increase in virility and overall health will only serve to help your sex life and increase your satisfaction.

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