How To Get Stronger Erections

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is thought to affect around 5% of men aged over 40, with that number increasing to around 15% in men aged over 70. As global statistics go, those percentages represent not just tens of thousands of men, but millions. With such high numbers of men being affected by something that can cause negative emotions and ultimately lead to relationship issues, we thought we’d spend a minute looking at ways to get stronger erections – if you have looked into P-shots (see a definition of the P-Shot) and you think you need a little more time to explore common remedies, keep reading. 

Diet and exercise

A man’s penis isn’t separate from his body. It’s connected. What goes on inside the body affects what happens to the penis. This means mental state hormone levels. Conditions of the muscles and veins. Heart rate. Blood flow. Sound familiar from posters on the wall at the gym? All these things are improved through exercise. The things you eat can constrict your veins, which ups the heart rate to maintain flow. This stress causes tension and can affect your mood. Put simply, being overweight and out of shape is no way to expect your body to perform.

When we consider that maintaining an erection requires your heart to pump about eight times the amount of blood into the penis as would usually be required, we can see how any problems ‘down there’ may have root causes elsewhere in the body. For those who are getting back into fitness, start with the 10,000 steps per day rule. This is a lot of walking and will take you probably a couple of hours if done in one stretch. However, this minimal effort in terms of avoiding strenuous exercise, to begin with is one way to get back on track. 

Smoking and drinking

Smoking damages your blood vessels and drinking can prevent the soft tissues in your penis from becoming erect. When we combine the two, smoking and drinking not only means a reduction in the amount of blood that is available to maintain an erection, but drinking will hinder any attempt by the muscles that do receive near to the required blood supply from becoming erect. As is seemingly always the case, exercise, diet, and cutting out smoking and drinking can reinvent your body from the inside out. It’s never too late to make positive choices about your health. 

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