Is Health Insurance Mandatory for College Students?

When you are preparing to head off to college, having a health insurance plan is usually not part of the plan for most students until the institution notifies them that they need to be covered. Majority of the colleges across the US require students to have health insurance from some of the leading insurance companies. Most college students who are under 26 are usually covered by the health care plan of their parents. What if you are travelling abroad or you have surpassed the dependent age? Is health insurance mandatory for college students?

Exploring health insurance

Health insurance should be the number one priority of both parents and students. Insurance always seems to be expensive until the day you need it. According to the current structure, most private and public colleges will require students who are residing in the institution to have health insurance. Some go a step ahead by marketing specific insurance companies and even automatically enrolling new students with the insurance plan.

Health insurance goes for several thousand dollars per year depending on the insurance company. Health insurance policies vary by learning institutions. For instance, the University of Michigan have made health insurance mandatory for foreign individuals but not for domestic individuals. In most learning institutions, health insurance is mandatory for students.

Choosing your insurance plan

If health insurance is mandatory in most learning institutions, it would be best to explore some of the different avenues when it comes to health insurance plans. You should go for a plan that will meet your budget and medical needs. Also, your health insurance plan should fulfill all the requirements needed by your learning institution. Here are some of the best health insurance plans you should go for.

College plans

Since most learning institutions require their students to be covered, they are also required to offer an on campus health insurance plan. The school advisor will direct you to the office that handles insurance enrollments and information which is usually on campus. The services you will receive on the campus health center will be covered automatically wholly or partially by the college plan. Some of the common services covered will include dental care, mental treatment, optical care and routine checkups.

Every learning institution offers a unique health plan therefore; you should figure out early enough the services offered in each plan. Before enrolling in a health care plan, take your time to discover the financial protection you will get in all possible scenarios.

State plans

If you are heading to a state university, there could be a state health plan that is designed to cover you in case you seek medical treatment on campus or in any other office within a specified geographical area. An excellent example is the University of California Student Health Insurance Plan which is offered to both undergraduate and graduate students. Depending on the state university, you will receive the plan they have on the table.

Private Student Plans

You can always go for a private health plan if you are not comfortable with the state plan or the college plan. Majority of the health insurance companies normally offer health insurance for students or individual health insurance plans. The costs might be a bit expensive but you can always look for the best plan with the best price so long as it complements the school’s guidelines. Health insurance vendors have websites which will process your payments and cover you as soon as you make your fist payment.

Student criteria

Most colleges will allow registered students to seek health care on campus however, every plan has its own eligibility. The big question is; do you qualify for the plan you want? To qualify for majority of the plans, you should be a full time student in a specified age range and in good health. If you school acts as an agent for an insurance company, then the insurer’s terms and conditions will apply. Take your time to understand the contract carefully before signing and paying.

Travel insurance

Most health insurance plans will only cover you in a specified geographical location. When preparing for your next tour, you should remember to include a travel health plan that will cover you throughout the journey. All you need to do is consult the insurance company to get one.

Health conditions

Every health insurance plan wants to know the level of risk they should assign to you. This is all based on your health. Most insurance companies will require you to answer a detailed questionnaire about your health and family. Even if you have an underlying medical condition, you will obtain your health insurance.


Is health insurance mandatory for college students? Most colleges and universities have made it mandatory for college students to have health insurance plans. Even if they had not made it mandatory, it is important for everyone including students to have health insurance. Health insurance should be a priority for both students and parents.

Failing to have health insurance will be very expensive for you in the long run. It is important for you to choose the best health insurance plan available. You should go for one that meets your budget and medical needs. In case you’ll be travelling in the near future, you should remember to apply for insurance since most insurance companies will cover you in a specified region.

Health insurance is not one of the most interesting topics to discuss but you cannot avoid it. Everybody will need health care at some point in life no matter how healthy they are. You cannot afford to stay without a cover. Secure yourself now. One day, you’ll be glad you did!

Author Bio: Diana Clark is a passionate writer and blogger covering different news and topics on Internet technology, SEO, Blogging practice and everything that might be interesting for her lovely WEB-Crazed Audience. She also provides writing help at Best Essay Writer.

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