Unconventional new hobbies for you to try!

Mother hikking with four kids in Liechtensteinklamm or Liechtenstein Gorge, Austria.

When staying healthy and fit, one of the most important things to remember is to keep things fun. If you are making your physical and mental workout fun, you’re more likely to want to keep up the habit! So in this article, we’re compiling some entertaining new hobbies for you to try. Some of them are for keeping your body healthy and some are for keeping your mind fit. Read on to find out more!


Hiking is a great way to keep fit and get out and exploring the world around you! This hobby helps you burn far more calories than a regular walk and provides a far more interesting environment to exercise in. Not only will this hobby help you get out and see the world but, supposedly, hikers are happier people and taking up hiking has been known to help with depression.


This hobby can help you stretch your skills in strategy and exercise your mind. Chess has numerous health benefits for your brain – supposedly it can even help your brain grow. Playing chess is also thought to raise your IQ and help to prevent Alzheimer’s  – basically, the best way to keep your brain healthy is to keep your brain active.

If you are not a fan of chess then there are always a number of other games for you to give your brain a workout. For example, poker is a fun alternative for those a little more adventurous. The other great thing about brain teasers like chess, poker and slots is that the games are extremely easy to access as there a number of online sites you can play on. Although, unlike Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania, not all of them will feature waving lobsters wearing yellow fishing gear.


Birding may seem like an extremely out there hobby but watching and observing birds in their natural habitat can not only develop your patience but also your appreciation for nature. However, birding isn’t always a serene hobby, you need quick reflexes to be able to spot some of the faster birds. Get out in nature is also a great way to stay healthy with regular treks through woodlands to find rare birds!


Archery had a brief boom after the bow-wielding heroines of The Hunger Games and Brave popularized the sport but its time in the spotlight was brief. But even though archery is unlikely to ever come in handy these days this is a great hobby that helps you work on your balance, coordination and upper body strength.


Embroidery is another underutilized skill these days. Learning to sew is not only practical – you’ll always be ready if your outfit suffers wear and tear –  it can also have a number of psychological benefits. Tasks like embroidery are thought to reduce stress as they give your mind a new activity to focus on. It can also help sharpen your reflexes!

So what do you think of our list? Will you be taking up any of these new hobbies? Let us know in the comments!

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