Top 5 Best Memory Foam Pillows

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Sleeping well has obvious health benefits. It replenishes the energy levels that get sapped as you go about with your daily activities. Sinking into a bed that’s super comfy is the start of having a great night’s rest and sweet dreams. The best memory foam pillow makes it that much easier to fall asleep at bedtime. Pillows come in myriad shapes and sizes, the softness and support of each one also varies. What works for one may be of the kind that keeps you awake at night. No need for trial and error, for below are the pillows that deserve a place in your bed.

Classic Brands

Curl up with this memory foam pillow to experience first-hand how sweet and refreshing deep sleep can feel. Designed to respond to both pressure and temperature, it mimics the natural contours of you head, neck and back. The knit cover is smooth and velvety soft, an outright delight to have against your skin. It brings together all the advantages of memory foam and gel. You sleep cool and don’t even need to flip the pillow to access the gel side. Here’s a pillow that’s created to be one of the best pillow you have ever had.

Z by malouf

Travel light yet doesn’t miss out on the comfort of the pillow you use at home. This memory foam travel pillow is raved about for being the best memory foam pillow and wholly deserves this stellar reputation. It lets you rest comfortably during your travels, without waking up to neck and shoulder stiffness troubles. Designed using the open cell technology, this is the pillow to take along on your travel adventures or your work trips. This durable pillow is made to align perfectly to your spine by supporting the natural shape of your shoulders, head and neck. With its travel-friendly compressible design, it really is most convenient to carry along as you travel.

Comfort & Relax

A pillow is right at the crux of the matter when it comes to how well you sleep. This is the pillow you will love to nestle against on an every night basis, as you fall off to sleep. It’s designed to relieve neck stiffness and upper back pain. With its ergonomically 2 in 1 wave design, it’s like enjoying the benefits of two different pillows for the price of one. Choose between the lower contours or the higher one, the choice is in your hands. Made using the air cell technology gel foam, this technology enables airflow to keep the neck and head areas cool and very comfortable.


Looking for a gel pillow that’s as soft and cushy as can be? Named ‘Eden’ this gel memory foam pillow is so soft and cushy that it feels heavenly. Infused with gel to make sure you sleep cool as you rest your head on it, it’s a great choice for any time of the year. Made from a blend of superior quality combed microfiber, the pillow feels luxurious and silky soft against your skin. Although incredibly soft, the pillow has a gusset, which brings edge support with it.

Designed from superior-quality fabric, the cover is of super stretch, breathable fabric and it draws heat away from your skin. This keeps you cool and very comfortable as you rest. The cover is removable and washable, making it easy to maintain. Personalize the pillow to make it just the way you like it. Made in the U.S.A, it’s hypoallergenic, is flame retardant and is resistant to dust mites, that are a common cause of skin allergies. Looking for the perfect balance between support and softness? This pillow really is ‘it’.

Snuggle Pedic

Tired of fluffing up your pillow and it still doesn’t retain its shape? This shredded soft memory foam pillow is the answer to your sleep problems and prayers. Its lab tested to ensure it’s hypo-allergenic and low on V.O.C. In short, great care goes into making sure you get the very best. It’s light, durable and offers perfect orthopedic support. The Kool-Flow micro-ventilated bamboo cover permits unrestricted airflow to keep you cool and comfortable as you get some shut-eye. Looking for a fluffy, soft, comfortable pillow? Go for this.


It’s no secret that sleep is essential for health. A comfortable bed paired with an uncomfortable pillow is the kind of mismatch that can have you tossing and turning for half the night. Wake up fresh-faced and energized by enjoying the utter comfort and support of the memory foam pillows featured on this page.

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