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Nothing is as important as good health and ways to maintain it and to recover from disease warrants research and using all types of treatment options. One of those options is Red light therapy (RTL), which is worth is known to boost immune systems; RTL is used to treat several diseases as well as problems such as wrinkles, hair loss, and more. Red light therapy exposes you to low levels of red or near-infrared light that cannot be seen but can be felt by the body as heat and is absorbed into the skin.

Red light therapy is not new; as early as the 1990’s red light therapy (RLT) was used by NASA to grow plants in space by promoting the photosynthesis of plant cells. RLT was then studied for its possible use in space to alleviate the muscle atrophy the astronauts experienced and it was used in medicine. NASA’s research showed it can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy.

There are different types of red light therapy and they are used in a variety of ways: to aid in cosmetic skin problems such as wrinkles and psoriasis, to promote hair growth for those with alopecia, to stimulate healing such as diabetic foot ulcers, to lessen pain and inflammation in people with Achilles tendons, to treat neurological disorders, to increase energy, to reduce depression – and more.

Red light therapies are now accepted as a treatment for chronic joint pain and wound healing by the FDA. In Canada, Ondine Biomedical is using and testing photo disinfection (PDT) technology, which is used before surgery to help prevent infections. It has also developed the Steriwave Nasal Decolonization Technology, which is used to remove bacteria and viruses in noses. It is widely used in hospitals in British Columbia and Ondine is in discussions with the US FDA.

Whether or not red light therapy does everything its proponents claim is not certain and is often a source of controversy; many describe it as an “experimental treatment” and the wide variety of light options and devices sold by many companies can be confusing. But red light therapy is worth studying and modern technology makes it relatively easy to develop and use. It is possible red light therapy- or other light therapies – will prove to be an inexpensive way to deal with several medical and cosmetic problems.

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