What to Include In Your Evening Routine

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It is recommended that you have a cohesive evening routine to help your physical and mental health. There are many benefits of having an evening or bedtime routine including – and not limited to – helping us to relax and unwind, gives us extra time to take care of our mental health, and helps us settle for bed. The most common issue preventing people from sleeping at night is poor mental health; this is especially due to holding stresses and worries into the evening. To prevent this, keeping reading to find out what you can include in your evening routine. 

Prepare your evening meal

A great way to wind down and settle yourself after finishing work is to take time and prepare your evening meal. Sleep experts recommend that we shouldn’t have out evening meal past six o’clock to allow our bodies to digest. Taking the time to prepare and cook the food serves as a fantastic way to be mindful about what you are consuming. It is also a great way to spend time with your friends and family! Good food and company – what more could we want?


Another way to rid yourself of the stresses and worries of the working day is to engage in some form of exercise. This can be an evening walk after dinner (which helps with digestion), swimming, or even yoga. Yoga has been scientifically proven to help with our mental health as it is a great grounding technique to let our minds wander while simultaneously bringing us into the present. Exercising in general is a great way to tire ourselves out too so that when bedtime comes along, we are slightly more prepared to fall fast asleep. 

Practice mindfulness

The evening is a great time to practice mindfulness and reflect on the day or the previous week. A lot of stress and worry can culminate over the course of the day and this proves difficult to sleep when we are building up our worries. It also helps if we chat with someone, whether this is a friend or mental health professional. If you’d prefer to chat with someone at night, there are online platforms such as My Pocket Therapist which provide online therapy UK. You can chat with professionals over the phone and online too. Your mental health is sacred and should be treated as such!

Take care of yourself 

As well as taking care of your mental health, you should also attempt to do what you can when taking care of your body. For example, we recommend that you incorporate a lovely skin and oral hygiene routine into your overarching evening routine. This can include a hot bath or shower which will help you feel tired and using products to wash away all the dirt and stresses of the day. This benefits a lot of people, and it might be your favourite thing in your evening routine. 

What does your evening routine look like?

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