Top 5 Best Foot Massager On The Market Today

Long Shifts? Had to walk to work today? A long run around the neighborhood? Whatever maybe the cause of your sore feet, a good foot massage can knock that pain and soreness right out. Owning a foot massager is one of those luxuries that anyone would be happy to have. The range is enormous, from fully automatic full leg massagers to inexpensive, hand held massagers.

Belmint shiatsu Foot Massager with Switchable Heat Function

The Belmint shiatsu foot massager is rated as one of the best foot massagers on the market today because of the many unique features that it has. It puts enough pressure on the feet that helps reduce the strain on the legs. Apart from this it also has a deep and almost extreme kneading effect that most people need to have relief on their legs.

The good thing is that you can select the level of the massage you want and since the machine has an auto turn on and off control, it automatically goes off after the selected time. The heat level is reasonable, it is neither too hot nor too cold and suffices to give a good relaxation effect. It is almost like putting on a pair of warm socks. All this together with the fact that it has several nodes to massage the feet makes it one of the best foot massager in the market.

Foot massage machine

The foot massage machine from clouds technology is one among the best foot massager, and it is highly rated by both reflexologists and the customers who use it. It features a deep kneading effect that is very good for tired and painful legs, complete with airbags that move the legs from one side to the other which is good for blood circulation.

The heating features are excellent, and they give the best warmth to the legs that loosens the legs when they feel tight. It is also easy to use, and the adjustable massage level makes it very helpful. The massager also has a patented bar that helps you change the massager to different positions meaning it can be easily adjusted to various positions.

MARNUR Foot massager

 The MARNUR foot massager is perfect for tired legs and is considered one of the best foot massager. It is extremely easy to clean because the inner clothes can be easily removed and washed separately. It offers deep penetrating foot massage that primarily targets the pressure points on the legs; this is very relaxing to people who have pain in their legs. There are 3 intensity levels on the machine that can be used differently or at the same time. It is also compact and has an auto shut down on it. No assembly is required to use this machine making it very easy to use it. These features have worked to set it apart from the rest of the massagers making it one of the best foot massagers.

Miko Foot Massager

 Miko foot massager is a great product by all standards and can help take care of the feet. Because of this, it is considered as one of the best foot massagers anyone can ever have. It has excellent pressure in three different levels that offer different types of squeezes to the leg, ranging from gentle to hard kneading effect. It has different massage levels that will surely make the legs very relaxed making it one of the best foot massager in the market.

Best choice products portable foot spa bath massager with heat and LED display

 This product from best choice products is one of the best foot massagers that available today. It has good heat control, and also it can warm cold water when added to it, or even retain the temperature at warm or make it hotter. It has wheels that aid in the movement of the unit and also LED display. A heavy duty cord helps it be moved around plus it has three massage frequencies that ensure that your feet get the best massage. It also features a bubbler feature that guarantees there is more pressure to the legs. All these features have ensured that it has remained on the table of the best foot massagers in the world today


Foot massagers have become a part of very many people’s lives because of the different jobs people have or even the various diseases people suffer from. What most people look for in massagers include how well it targets the pressure points and also how firm it kneads the feet to help reduce the pressure.

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