5 Best Massage Chairs For Your Money

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Massage chairs have been seeing a consistent rise in popularity. With the rising costs of massages and an ever-increasing shortage of time, people are trying to find the Best Massage Chairs to get a massage whenever they want at the comfort of their homes. Massage chairs are best suited for people who work long hours and have no time for themselves. It makes sense to relax before going to bed. You’ll be surprised how well a quick session on the massage chair feels before bed or after a long day at work.

Below is a list of the best massage chairs that you can choose among the many others in the market;

Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Heat and Long Rail 161

The full body zero gravity massage chair is one of the best massage chairs because of the many features that have significantly set it apart from the rest. The zero gravity feature is a great plus on this machine because it will gently put you in a sleeping position and massage every part of your body. This includes the effect it has on your calves and forearm which are gently kneaded by the machine to give a better and relaxing feel.it also features an L track massage feature that ensures that you have one of the best massages ever.

It also produces heat that is very good when the body is tired. The rollers also hold the hip area firmly to create a better feel at the end of the massage. All these features and many others that you only get to know when you use the chair have firmly placed it on the best massage chairs list.

Kahuna Massage Chair

The kahuna massage chair is made to be very comfortable, though it is a bit smaller than the other chairs it still serves to fulfill the purpose of its creation. The size also makes it a bit more comfortable to have in a house than most of the other chairs. The foot rollers are very strong and firmly holds the legs to give an excellent massage. The other very interesting feature on the kahuna massage chair is that it has massage features that are precisely like yoga sessions. This chair is indeed among the best massage chair in the massage chairs industry and will continue staying there firmly because of its diverse features.

Fully Assembled Curved Long Rail Massage Chair

The fully assembled massage chair by best massage is considered one of the best massage chairs that are on the market. The fact that it is already assembled and ready to use is the first thing that sets it apart from the rest. It is easy to move from one place to the other because of the wheel that it has. This chair can easily control a massage session and you can also change to different modes including; kneading, pounding or compression. This ensures that you have the best of massage whenever you want to.

The feature that I think blew the rest out of the water is the Bluetooth speakers that have been strategically placed right next to the headrest. You also have a place to charge your phone on the chair. What more could music lovers ask for from a massage chair to make it the best?

New Electric Full Body Massage Chair

Though relatively new, it is already causing ripples in the market because of its many features that almost all of the customers have loved. Therefore, it is considered as one of the best massage chairs. It is easy to assemble and wouldn’t need so much of expertise to be able to do it. It firmly holds the body to create one of the best massages. This includes the fact that it massages the legs and the forearms. It also offers deep back massage which is very helpful for pains in the spine. Another great feature is that it has a heat up option that gently heats up the chair and hence providing a better massage. It definitely is one of the best massage chairs on the market today.

Human Touch Volito Massage Chair

Human touch has been in the industry of making massage chairs, and they have learned the art of giving the best as can be seen in this chair. The massage function is very intense, and it really kneads the body to create a very relaxed feeling. The good thing is that it doubles up as foot massage which means that with this chair you get a full body massage including your legs. It is effortless to assemble, and pretty much anyone who can read the manual will know how to assemble it. The best part is that it nicely blends in with the other furniture in the house due to its sleek design.


When it comes to massage chairs what is needed is the comfort and the very much needed relaxation that one gets after having the massage. The list we have compiled looks into these concerns and also much more that will make your experience with the massage chairs a very memorable one.

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